Training your puppy is one of the main responsibilities of dog ownership. It helps build a bond between you and your puppy and gives your puppy the confidence to face the big wide world. The Poodle crosses are very intelligent so are ideal for training from an early age so we always suggest to start as you mean to go on.

Crate Training

We strongly advise that when you get a new puppy you house train your puppy using a crate.

All dogs do not like to go to the toilet in their own bed and will therefore try to move as far away as possible from their bed to go to the toilet. Therefore by using a crate that confines the space that they sleep in; in their bed; it teaches them to hold it in and wait to go to the toilet when they are let outside of the crate.

To get them house trained you use the crate to teach them to hold it in and wait and as soon as you let them out or as soon as they wake up they will want the toilet and therefore you place them outside in your garden to an area in which you would like them to go to the toilet in. When they go to the toilet you say a command in which you refer to what they are doing. As soon as they have been to the toilet you praise them by saying “Good girl/boy” and giving them a stroke and making a fuss of them. Then and only after they have been to the toilet can they come back inside (otherwise they will just wait until you let them back in to go to the toilet). By sticking to this you can have your new puppy house trained in a week or two depending on how strict you are.

In their crate you will keep their bed, toys and water. You do not use puppy pads or newspaper as this will encourage them to go to the toilet in their crate when really you want to use the crate to teach them to hold it in.

At night time before you go to bed you should put your puppy out in the garden in the same place as always and wait for him/her to go to the toilet before bringing them back in. Then you will turn the lights off and leave the puppy alone as you go off to bed. If they cry you must leave them. If they cry and you go and play with them/cuddle them then they will quickly learn that if they cry they get your attention and he/she will happily keep you up all night!

However, if they quieten down and then start crying after a long period of time they may need the toilet. This will require you to get up and put the puppy straight outside with no fuss what so ever and then only praise them whilst they are outside as soon as they have been to the toilet. Then bring them back in with no fuss and leave them again as you catch up on your sleep.

Your puppy will learn very quickly and as the Poodle cross breeds are very intelligent they should easily pick this up and your puppy will be house trained quickly and easily.

Here at Rosedale Doodles we sell crates which are a suitable size for your puppy when they leave and when they grow to a full adult size. These are lightweight and cheaper than your local pet store at £50. We supply the 30” crate which is the medium crate. The Miniature Labradoodles may need a 36” crate if you are wanting to use it life-long. Lots of owners will change the crate for a bed when your puppy is completely house trained.


Once you get your new puppy home give him / her a few days to settle into their new environment. It is important they get used to their new surroundings and feel safe and secure in their new home. Focus on the toilet training and taking them out every half an hour to the toilet. Lots of praise when they do go outside – positive reinforcement works really well.

After a couple of days when you feel they are more settled start introducing them to new people / new surroundings. Take them in the car as often as you can and get them used to new people coming into the house. If they are too young to go out for walks get them used to the collar and lead in the garden so that when the big day comes they will be confident walking by your side. Even if puppy is too young to go out for walks he/she can still be carried so try carrying them down the road so that they get used to new sights and smells.

Handle your puppy so he/she gets used to being touched. You can do this when they are sitting on your knee, when they are calm. Touch their feet, ears and tail and massage their feet between the toes. Check their teeth by gently opening the jaw. Hopefully this will help prepare your puppy for those trips to the vets when they will be handled like this as part of a routine check-up.

Start to teach the sit and down commands, but do this in short sessions using lots of praise and tasty puppy treats.

Early training should help your puppy evolve into a happy, healthy, fully functional family pet.

Training Classes

Once your puppy is fully vaccinated start looking for a local puppy training class and enrol your puppy on a course. Some trainers prefer to wait until the puppy is 16 weeks of age. Speak to your vet about recommended trainers in your area and have a look online. Puppy training is great for socialising and will give you a great bond with your puppy. The Poodle crosses are all very eager to learn and thrive in active environments. However we do not recommend puppy parties as the puppies are not fully vaccinated and have all come from different breeders therefore there is a risk of infection – we would recommend to wait until your puppy is fully vaccinated as its better to be safe than sorry.

Recommended Trainers

If looking for a Puppy Training Class in our area we’d recommend:

  • – Based in Preston – call Shirley King on 07857425343 for more information
  • Samantha Cummins – holds classes in both Southport and Preston – call on 07505128503 for more information