All litters on this page are bred in the home by private breeders. PLEASE NOTE we only let selected bitches use our stud dogs.

Here at Rosedale we now offer a stud service for both our Miniature chocolate poodle, George and Arthur, our Miniature cream poodle. Our Rosedale stud dogs are very experienced, they are PRA Optigen eye tested and KC registered fathering beautiful off spring with loving temperaments.

Before mating with our Rosedale stud dogs we make sure all bitches are between 1 and 4 years old, have not had more than one litter a year and are health checked and vaccinated up to date. We make sure all clients are experienced dog owners and we offer a helpful service through pregnancy and birth, making sure all of the off spring get the same attention as our own puppies.

Please find litters advertised below that have been fathered by a Rosedale dog. For more information on our stud service please call.