When purchasing any puppy you should always consider the ongoing needs of the puppy through to adulthood. One of these needs is the maintenance of the coat.

Whether this coat is straight, shaggy or curly the first six months is quite straight forward. A simple grooming regime of regular brushing sessions of 10 minutes of so three or four times a week should keep your puppies coat free of knots. Lots of rewards and encouragement helps keeps grooming a pleasant experience for your puppy. We recommend to buy a comb, a brush, nail clippers and a slicker brush to help keep your puppy knot free.

If using puppy shampoo that is free from soap and detergents then you can bath your puppy as often as you like without drying out the skin. We recommend to make this a weekly routine so your puppy gets used to happily going in and out of the bath. Conditioning sprays can also be used after bathing such as the Nootie deodorising sprays available at Petsathome.

Your puppies nails will need to be trimmed once every two-three moths with nail clippers. If doing this yourself please be careful and be conservative with the amount you cut off, just the very end hooks is sufficient.  Alternatively any dog groomer should be able to do it for you at little cost.

At this time accustom your puppy to having you touch the membranes around the entrance to the ear canal, as later in life the ears may need to be plucked of excess hairs to prevent build up of wax. Also keep yourself familiar with your puppies’ teeth so you notice any changes in the future such as discolouration.

When your doodle reaches eight months you will notice a change in the coat as the adult coat starts to come through. The coat will feel thicker and this is when it starts to matt. All dogs moult however the poodle crosses are low – non shedding so require grooming to brush out the ‘puppy coat’ or ‘under coat’. We recommend the first groom to take place at eight months of age and every eight to 12 weeks after that depending on your puppies coat type.

Looking for a groomer in your area can be difficult so please look for a groomer who is used to grooming Poodles and Poodle crosses. We recommend to ask for a ‘teddy bear’ cut where the face and legs are left long.

Please be specific about what groom you would like and always ask for a scissor cut rather than a clip. In the unlikely event your dog does get matted some groomers will ask you to sign a disclaimer and will need to clip your puppy short in order to let the new coat grow through. In any case it is best to keep on top of the coat with regular brushing and grooming so your dog can always keep its ‘teddy bear’ looks.

In between the regular groom you may need to keep the hair around your puppies eyes trimmed – this can be done with nail scissors or thinning scissors (you may need a friend to help keep puppy still).

Please find local groomers below used and approved by Rosedale Doodles: