There are some important things to remember when buying a dog. Unfortunately for the owners we have heard a lot of horror stories in the past, so a few pointers to go by to secure you have a happy and healthy puppy.

  1. Make sure that you can go to the premises of where the breeders live, as they may say they only have a few dogs but chances are that if they try to meet you or get out of you going there that they operate from a puppy farm and the dogs are not kept in the correct conditions. If they are a small home breeder or hobby breeder ask to see where their dog is exercised and the garden/run areas.
  2. If they are a large kennels, check with their local council that they are a fully licensed breeding kennels, that the dogs and the place itself is kept up to a very high standard, as the rules and regulations around breeding dogs are very strict. If it is someone breeding from a house then they will not need a breeding license as you only need a license with over a certain amount of dogs.
  3. If you are buying a Poodle, make it your number one importance that the poodle has got papers to show it is DNA Optigen eye tested clear. We have heard from people who have not done this and suffered with their dog going blind at a young age. This was because of the sire being affected or a carrier.
  4. Also if you are thinking you would prefer a puppy that was born in a house instead of kennels being under the idea that it will be more looked after and socialised then this is also false. You will find with licensed breeding kennels that the puppies are extremely well socialized as there are always people around with them from morning untill evening.
  5. Also do not send money by Western Union to secure a deposit on a puppy, and where possible make sure that the deposit is to secure a puppy and is fully refundable if you aren’t happy with the puppy when you go and view him or her.
  6. Be prepared to go on a waiting list, the right dog from the right place is worth waiting for.

Paying for your puppy

Here at Rosedale we only take deposits for 1st choice of a litter before the puppies are born. We don’t like to promise puppies before they have been born or until they are a few days old, doing well and feeding on mum. Once they are born we will start taking more deposits on the litter on a first-come-first-served basis.

We only currently take cash or bank transfer for the £250 deposit as we do not accept cheque or have a card machine facility available.  If you change your mind before the puppy is six weeks old or you have been to see your puppy before it is six weeks and change your mind then our deposits are fully refundable. The remaining balance can be paid in cash on collection and you will receive a full receipt in your puppy pack.

Rules and Regulations

Finally, we like to remind everyone who comes to view our puppies that we do not sell any of our puppies for breeding or to people who work full time. If you do not have time for a dog then we feel it is very unfair to sell a puppy to someone who cannot give it the attention it deserves.

We are also not willing to deliver puppies or send puppies via courier service. We like to meet each potential customer face to face and like them to see where the puppy has been bred.

We understand that people’s circumstances do change and as a Rosedale dog owner we make a promise with everyone that buys a puppy from us if you cannot look after your doodle anymore we will take them back and rehome them free of charge at any time. We want to ensure every dog receives the attention it deserves and we believe a dog should never be seen as a burden. If you ever feel this way please do get in contact for our help.

Upon purchasing a dog from Rosedale you will enter into a contract with us. A copy of our Terms of Business can be found below.

We advise every new puppy owner to get a full life long insurance policy in place before collecting your puppy. Some companies do offer 4 weeks free pet insurance however this tends to be restricted, for example, Petplan 4 weeks free insurance vouchers will only cover for illness in the last 2 weeks of the 4 weeks free insurance. For recommendations on pet insurance please give us a call.