Buying a puppy can be daunting and is a bit of a minefield. On this page we have tried to go over our breeding practices so you can see how we raise our puppies and if this is what you are looking for.

Here at Rosedale it is our priority to make sure all of our puppies are fit and healthy before leaving for their new homes. We take on board the expert advice of our vet to develop a fixed regime to make sure all of our puppies have the best start in life. This includes a slow weaning process, worming, flea treating and bathing when needed. Please see the our Vets page for more information on our vet and their practice.

Your puppy will have been wormed at two and four weeks with a three-day course of Panacur, and again at seven weeks with Drontal. Each puppy is given a specific amount according to their weight. We also advise a worming tablet when getting the second vaccination at 10-12 weeks of age. This will complete the initial puppy worming course, at this stage please speak to your vet about further worming. It is usually recommended every 8 – 12 weeks.

We flea treat all our puppies with Frontline Spray at six weeks old, and upon collection your puppy will also receive an Advocate ‘spot on’ which covers fleas, ear mites and a small dose of wormer. It is an all-round flea treatment. It is recommended to be done every eight weeks. Please seek your vet’s advice for further flea treatment.

We feed all our puppies on Royal Canin Medium Breed Junior; three times a day. At the moment their routine is approximately 9am, 1pm and 5pm.

We start to slowly wean our puppies from five weeks of age, where mum comes off at first for an hour so the puppies can explore the soft soaked puppy food / royal canin weaning mouse and lactol. As the puppies get older the Mums time away from the puppies will increase and eventually she will be only with the puppies a few hours during the day. They are usually fully weaned by seven weeks.

All our puppies are very well socialised and this really starts with lots of handling when they are starting to be weaned. By six weeks old when they are viewable they will be used to all sorts of noises and time playing with the Rosedale Staff. From six to eight weeks old, they will be visited; out in our puppy viewing play pens and well handled by children and future puppy owners. Our puppy viewing areas are open to the public and are clean disinfected environments where whole litters can play safely. We encourage you to bring a toy or chew toy for your puppy – this can be added to the litter.

Our puppies usually leave for their new homes between 8 and 10 weeks of age; this means they will not be fully vaccinated. Depending on 1st vaccination puppies can receive the 2nd between 10 – 12 weeks old and a minimum of two weeks after the first vaccination. The vaccination used by our vets is the Nobivac lepto 2 vaccine however our vets are happy to order in different vaccines if your own vet does not provide a compatible vaccine for the second vaccination.

The vaccination card will be discussed with a member of the Rosedale team.  Having only had 1st vaccination this means they will still be prone to infection – this risk is until 7 – 14 days after the 2nd vaccination. Therefore your puppy should not be introduced to other pets/dogs or be walked where other dogs are frequent to reduce the risk of any infection.

It is advisory to bathe and groom your new puppy regularly; this will get them used to the weekly routine suggested when purchasing a doodle. Most soft baby shampoos are suitable for puppies. You can buy puppy shampoos and deodorising sprays online and in store at your local pet shop.