Here at Rosedale we breed three breeds we believe to be great family pets that are low to non-shedding with varying energy levels.

We often get asked questions such as what does F1 mean? What are the different coats? So below we have but a short explanation about cross breeds and what to look for.

In your research for your ‘doodle’ you will have come across the phrases F1, F1b and F2. The ‘F’ simply refers to the generation of the puppy.


This is a first generation cross. So it is a puppy whose parents are both pure breeds. For example we breed the F1 Cockapoos where the mother is a cocker spaniel and the dad is a poodle.


This is a puppy where one parent is a pure breed and the other is a first generation (F1). So for example and F1b Cockapoo at Rosedale will have an F1 Cockapoo mother and a pure breed poodle father. The F1b’s at Rosedale are always crossed back to the poodle and are extremely good for allergy sufferers.


This is when the puppy has both parents as F1’s. So an F2 Cavapoo puppy is a Cavapoo where the mother is an F1 Cavapoo and the father is an F1 Cavapoo. We do not currently breed second generation puppies at Rosedale as we can’t guarantee the traits of the F2 puppies.

We also find that puppies take after their main looks from their mothers so this is why we breed from Spaniel and Cavachon mothers, and have the poodle as the father. Also the traditional way to breed them is for the mother to come first in the name. So Cockapoos have always traditionally been a cocker spaniel mother and a poodle father.

If you are looking for more information on a certain breed please follow the links at the side of this page.