Rosedale Doodles was opened by Paula 15 years ago. Paula has a lifetime of experience with both dogs and horses. She bred her first litter of puppies at 17 years of age and has been a hobby breeder ever since.

When Paula relocated to Lancashire she wanted to start breeding a low to non-shedding family dog.  She had fallen in love with the Labradoodle. Her skill and experience with breeding and lifelong love of dogs meant word of mouth quickly grew the demand for her lovely puppies. Paula’s doodles’ reputation organically grew making the breeding kennels what it is today.

When Paula’s daughter, Abbi, stopped competing her event horses, Paula also stopped working as a horse trainer and they together focused on their love of dogs and dog breeding. Converting the stables in to state of the art kennels and using the six acres of land for the dogs.

Please find more about Paula and the Rosedale Team on our Meet The Team page.

Here at Rosedale the philosophy is simple – care for the breeding mums and stud dogs how you would care for your own dog and you will get happy healthy puppies.  All our mums and dads we would happily have as pets and find no problem rehoming. Over time and with years of experience Paula has now developed great breeding practices for raising healthy happy puppies and caring for her breeding dames and sires.

Rosedale now has a small reception area, viewing rooms, the kennels, large run and exercise pens,  ‘Hen Hall’ for the chickens, and ‘Goat Grange’ for the resident pigmy goats.

We encourage people to come and meet us and see the place to make sure you like what we are all about before getting a puppy please call to arrange a time.

To see more on our breeding practices please go to our Information page, Or for information on current litters or planned litters please follow the current litters tab.