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The Cavapoochon is a tribrid and mixes the three popular breeds of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Toy Poodle and Bichon Frise. The Cavapoochon is a new breed that has recently started being bred in the USA. They have been hailed as the dog that ‘never loses its puppy face’.


Today the Cavapoochon is being bred all over the world but Rosedale Doodles is proud to say it is one of the only licensed breeders in the UK breeding these special puppies. The Cavapoochon will be low – non shedding and comes in a variety of colours however most commonly the apricot / ruby / apricot and white (blenheim) colouring.

Cavapoochons will grow to approx 12 inches to the shoulder and will have a tight, curly coat. They are great for allergy sufferers and are a small, fluffy, affectionate, playful dog full of personality. Very similar in temperament to the Cavapoo.

Rosedale Cavapoochons

Rosedale Cavapoochons are all bred from our home bred Cavachon Mums – these are Cavachons we have bred and kept from puppies to breed our next generation of Rosedale dogs. They are F1 Cavachons and are 50% Bichon and 50% Cavalier King Charles. The Cavachon Mums are then mated with our apricot toy poodle to produce curly coated Cavapoochons.


    • Silky / wavy fleece coat
    • Regular brushing and grooming
    • Curly fleece coat
    • Low – non shedding
    • Low – no odour
    • Height approx 12”
    • Low – medium energy levels
    • Breed standard Cavapoochon looks
    • Strong, healthy and longevity from the triple – cross hybrid vigour